stay-at-home mom (day 4)

Today is my “last” day being at home by myself since my family is flying out to visit tomorrow! Also the weekend is coming up which means husband is home to help out!

We’re getting into a better routine with her sleeping and being able to get things done around the house. Yesterday after I blogged, she was a bit fussy and I wasn’t able to squeeze in a nap since all she wanted to do was feed / doze off / feed again! Oh well, glad I got 3 hours to myself in the morning! She ended up sleeping quite well once husband got home (he was a little sad because he didn’t get to spend awake time with her!) and slept until almost midnight. I managed to get a load of laundry done and cleaned our bathroom sink!

Part of me wishes I had gone to bed sooner because I didn’t get a long stretch of sleep this time! Only 2 hours + 4 hours. I know, she spoils us with her ability to sleep long stretches! I shouldn’t be complaining! So instead of taking advantage of the 3 hours she sleeps in the morning, I decided to nap with her!

Today she’s been more fussy. She cried bloody murder as I was changing her diaper and right now she’s laying next to me dozing on and off after crying herself to sleep. It sounds cruel to let her cry it out, but she had been fed (multiple times) and her diaper was nice and clean. Plus it was past 1 PM and I still hadn’t eaten anything! I swaddled her up nicely and put her next to me as I ate my breakfast / lunch combination. I’m hoping she’ll fall into a deep sleep soon so I can fold the laundry and get a little more done before my family arrives tomorrow morning.

I notice she sleeps better when it’s quieter and the environment is more calm. If I put on a show while she’s sleeping, she’ll sleep 1-2 hours max. If I leave her in my room with minimal sound, she can sleep up to 3-4 hours straight! Also I’m learning not to run to her immediately with every sound. Sometimes she cries because of a nightmare or she startles herself or she’s trying to get comfortable. I don’t want her to get into the habit of crying to get mommy or daddy. Obviously we can also tell if her cry means she is hungry / needs her diaper changed or if she’s just being cranky or wants to be held! We’re not heartless!

Still not sure about her crying with a diaper change! She used to cry all the time but now it’s every other change. We’re not sure if it’s her diaper rash or she doesn’t like the cold feeling of the baby wipes. Also on the note of diaper rash, it’s just around her bum and went from a light pink to a darker pink. My research shows it could be something I’m eating that she’s getting in the breast milk? Not sure!! Hopefully it will go away soon. I’m trying to cut out all spice and possibly dairy to see if that helps. Also we’re making a conscious effort to change her diaper as often as possible!

That’s my day so far. Let me know if you have any suggestions about crying, changing diapers, or diaper rash!


stay-at-home mom (day 3)

Baked Oatmeal 4

Today is day three of being at home with the little one and the swaddling technique really seems to be working!

It took a little longer to put her down (2 feedings, changed her diaper, another feeding and a half), but she is sound asleep and I had some time to experiment!

I gained about 35 pounds with the pregnancy and have only managed to lose about 10 of those pounds! Prior to being pregnant, I was eating healthy and attempted to eat Paleo for many of my meals. However, when you have a little baby growing inside of you, it is virtually impossible to cut out carbs! (Trust me, I tried and I felt so sick and nauseous after every attempt.) Since I’m breastfeeding, I still need a good amount of carbs to produce the milk and make sure baby is getting enough fat and nutrients to sustain her! So I thought it would be a good compromise to eat more whole grains and “healthier” (i.e. more nutritious and high-fibre) carbs. PLUS, this really helps with the postpartum constipation!!! (TMI?! Once you have a baby, bowel movements seem to be a hot topic of discussion! :P)

I realized I have about 5 pounds of quick cook oats at home and thought I’d try to make some baked oatmeal. Yet I’m quite impatient and I wasn’t sure how long she would sleep today so I did a bit more research to see if I could make a similar version in the microwave! After looking through about 5-6 recipes, I realized I could! The recipe is here below :)  Continue reading


stay-at-home-mom (day 2)

I have figured out what helps babies sleep after they are fed and changed!!
The secret is a good swaddle. It needs to be nice and snug and warm!

I was able to get SOO much done today:
– shower
– straighten my hair
– wash up
– clean up the kitchen
– empty the dishwasher
– eat breakfast
…and write an email to my sweet baby girl!

And as I am typing up this blog, she is still sleeping soundly, although I will need to wake her up soon to feed her before my friend V comes to visit!

It feels so great to be able to accomplish things and I’m sure as the days go on, I’ll be able to do more and more!
The first day was hard and a little discouraging because I could barely get myself something to eat before the little one started to cry!
What made it difficult for me was I tend to set super high goals for myself, some that are unrealistic. My husband is also super task-oriented and an over achiever so there was some pressure there! Plus when you see other moms (read “super-moms”) that can get EVERYTHING done, it’s discouraging!

I’m starting to realize that the best way to push forward is to compete against yourself and not use other moms as a “guideline”. Every baby is different and you can’t expect your baby and lifestyle to match with someone else’s! Competing against yourself gives you a good foundation of what you can and cannot do — then you can set realistic goals for yourself to be able to accomplish more the next day!

NOTE: Be sure to grant yourself grace as there will always be rough days where you feel like NOTHING gets done and you failed to even do the most basic of things.
Don’t give up and don’t be discouraged! Ultimately baby comes first!

I’m hoping by the end of the week I’ll get into a good routine!

Feel free to share your mommy experiences and hope this tidbit of advice was helpful and encouraging!

stay-at-home mom (day 1)

Little One

Today marks the first day I am at home with this little munchkin!!
The first 2 weeks Husband was home with me taking care of the both of us.
The week after, he had a work trip so his mom came out to help!
Then the rest of his family came for the Easter weekend!

I honestly didn’t know what to expect being at home alone with her.
I thought I would set some “easy” goals to accomplish and continue to get more done as the days progressed.

My goals were as follows:
– feed baby when she’s hungry
– burp baby when she’s done eating
– change baby’s diapers when they’re dirty
– get baby to nap after feedings
– eat breakfast and lunch
– make a simple dinner for husband and I

Let’s just say, I barely accomplished those tasks. Even trying to go to the washroom was tough! The biggest dilemma was “Do I leave her for 2 minutes to use the washroom and have her scream or do I take her with me onto the toilet to avoid any baby meltdowns?”
I decided on the first option and boy did she howl! OIY!!!
Most of the day I was in bed feeding her and holding her while she slept while I watched multiple episodes of Chopped!

Thankfully, Husband came home early and I was able to pass her off to him while I quickly made some oven-fried chicken legs!
(It’s a super easy and delicious meal I learned from my mom! I’ll post this recipe sometime in the future!)

Day 1 wasn’t horrible but I was not very productive at all.
I’ll need to figure out a way where I can put her down without her crying!

Please let me know if you mothers have any suggestions!!



So I haven’t written here in a while…guess life has been crazy busy up until now!! With a new job, settling into our house in a new city, and a baby girl on the way, blogging has been put on the back-burner!

I’m about 6 months pregnant with a super cute baby bump…and baby is super active and kicking as I write away! Pregnancy definitely has it’s ups and downs. The first trimester, we didn’t even know we were pregnant and I was super exhausted all the time and wanting to constantly eat. Thank God I didn’t suffer from morning sickness much, but I did get nauseous here and there, especially if I missed breakfast or didn’t eat for a while.

Second trimester was the best! Got a lot of my energy back, wasn’t as emotional, started to feel the baby kick and went from bloated to developing a little baby bump!

I’ve also had many cravings throughout! (A common thing people ask about).

Now I’m entering the third trimester (or soon at least), and I’m starting to feel the effects of the weight gain (so far I’ve only gained about 20 lbs), feeling more self-conscious about my body, and getting aches and pains in uncomfortable places. I think it’s more of a hassle / frustration than anything. Like I want to enjoy life and do things, but my body isn’t cooperating. And then I’m starting to feel all unattractive now that I’m getting bigger. But at the same time, I’m too tired to take the time to doll myself up every morning. As my husband would say “aww dilemma, dilemma…” (which means you’re so silly for letting this get in the way.)

It’s probably just the hormones talking but I might start wearing a little more makeup so I feel better about myself these days. Also I so cherish the moments when I can feel baby move and kick! It reminds me that all of this is not in vain! I just wish time would hurry up so I can hold our little munchkin in my arms and shower her with love!

Hahaha…that was kind of a useless post but I guess just some ups and downs about pregnancy!




After having a BBQ at the hubster’s co-worker’s condo this weekend, my friend Lauren was craving homemade cookies.
Thankfully, his co-worker’s friend was a chef, and we headed to our place to make late-night oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

I learned so much from the chef, from how to make and grill homemade burger patties (need to marinate for at least an hour and grill on low heat!), that food cooks faster at a higher altitude and to reduce the heat when cooking or baking to prevent burning / overcooking, atlantic salmon is the choice salmon for sushi due to its high fat content (thus more flavour!), more butter is better etc etc. It was like an interactive Food Network! Pretty neat.

Oh, and I also landed a full-time serving job at one of the trendy downtown restaurants within 30 minutes of job hunting.
Sister-in-law says it’s God’s favour…I agree! Training starts first thing tomorrow. Hopefully all goes well! If not…I hope God provides an engineering job soon!




So I’ve been wanting to try making popovers ever since I saw one of the episodes of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on Food Network. However, I always thought it required a special popover pan in order to make them. I decided to look up some recipes and found this delicious recipe here and used a muffin tin. They turned out pretty spectacular if I do say so myself! Light, airy, crispy and super simple and easy to make! Continue reading to see the modified recipe I used :)  Continue reading